Brief Early History of the Church


The Church Building

Grave Stones and Epitaphs from the Churchyard

Pastors of the Church

Books about the Church
(available at the Emma S Clark Memorial Library)

  • Kate W. Strong, First Presbyterian Church in Brookhaven, at Setauket. Setauket, NY, 1942.
  • Robert Scharff, History of the Setauket Presbyterian Church. Setauket, NY, 1960. (Published to commemorate the three hundredth anniversary of the church.)
  • Belle Barstow, Setauket’s Religious Beginnings With Epitaphs from the Presbyterian Churchyard. Smithtown, NY, 1984

Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

The defining books of the denomination carry our history in them, and they prove that we are as much connected to our past as we are committed to our future.

The PC(USA) constitution web page has links to both PDF files and to an annotated searchable version which shows changes since 1983.  The web page also has resources about church conflict and negotiation.