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Christmas Joy Offering

by Church Office

Our gifts to the Christmas Joy Offering bring support and relief to past, present and future Presbyterian leaders in the U.S. and around the world. The Joy Offering provides income supplements and medical assistance through the Assistance Program of the Board of Pensions to retired and current clergy and church workers in need. The offering […]

Calendar for Parents

by Marie Zupka-Ludder

Based on real facts (but perhaps old information), this is an edited list of mostly youth and church school items from bulletin inserts, Steeple News, and emails.

World Communion Sunday: Three Calls for Mission

by Stuart

On Sunday, October 1, our congregation will join with our sisters and brothers in Christ across the country and around the world celebrating the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ who fed the hungry, walked with the poor, healed the sick, welcomed the strangers, spoke truth to power, and modeled how to love and […]

Ongoing Missions

by Stuart

WELCOME FRIENDS SOUP KITCHEN October 11 article in the Port Jefferson Patch.com ITEMS NEEDED FOR THE FOOD PANTRY! Our collection of nonperishable food items goes to Grace Presbyterian Church‘s food pantry in Selden.  The pantry is running very low right now, so please consider adding some extra items to your cart the next time you […]

Volunteer Opportunities

by Stuart

COOKS / COORDINATORS / “PICK UP” VOLUNTEER POSITIONS… Welcome INN, a dedicated team of excellent volunteers serving healthy, nutritious meals with dignity and respect to 60-80 hungry neighbors five times a week is now seeking volunteers for the following positions: Cook – Prepare 2 meals each month.  Plan, cook and prepare with assistance.  Some formal […]

What Does it Mean to be a Sanctuary Church?

by Stuart

Sanctuary is one of the most ancient faith traditions that has been used in times of crisis. The Office of Presbyterian Witness in Washington, D.C.,  the Synod of the Northeast, the Presbytery of Long Island and Long Island Jobs With Justice (a workers’ rights organization that advocates for immigrant rights) have been offering opportunities to […]

Peace and Global Witness Offering 2016

by Church Office

On World Communion Sunday, October 2, 2016, our church is taking part in the PCUSA Peace and Global Witness Offering. Faced with violence and injustice in our country and around the globe, it helps to hear stories of the ways God spreads a table of peace where the world offers violence and division. The Offering […]

One Great Hour of Sharing Offering

by Church Office

  On Easter Sunday, our congregation will receive the One Great Hour of Sharing offering. Feeding the hungry through the Presbyterian Hunger Program, helping people build up their livelihoods through the Self Development of People, and responding to disasters through the Presbyterian Disaster Relief program, offer ways that your gift will change lives, change communities […]