Following Easter, Adult Ed focuses on aspects of spiritual formation and practices for spiritual growth. On April 23 and May 7, join us for “Spiritual Wiring”, a look at how God has wonderfully and uniquely “wired” each of us for relationship with God’s Self and others. How do you best “connect” with God? Why do different worship styles seem more comfortable to you than others? Are there more ways to pray than you use on a regular basis? In our time together we will lightly explore two of the many “human wiring” factors that impact our preferences for certain spiritual practices and worship styles: the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Howard Gardner’s theory of multi-intelligences. The sessions, led by DCE Marie Zupka-Ludder, will be informational, conversational and experiential, with a taste of both familiar and new spiritual practices.

On April 30, the Sunday between the “Spiritual Wiring” sessions, we pause to go deeper in exploring two particular spiritual practices – contemplation and meditation. Our guest leader, Sister Margaret Rohde, r.c., Director of Ministry for the Cenacle Retreat Center, will provide an introduction into these two ancient practices and lead us in forms of practice for deepening our connection to God. We invite you to join us for one, some or all of these special Sunday morning adult education offerings!



Usually meets in the Parlor, but sometimes meets in the upper Preschool room.  Child care available on request.

See the Adult Education post for the current yet flexible schedule, history, and more Adult Education offerings.