Monthly Worship Opportunity – a Taizé style service
Our first midweek contemplative service was a Taizé style service.
But what does that mean?

Taizé prayer is the creation of a monastic community in Taizé, France, founded in the 1940s by a Swiss man known as Brother Roger. The brothers emphasize service and ecumenicalism, particularly reconciliation between divided peoples and divided Christians. Surprisingly, the Taizé community has also brought together young people from around the world – teens to 30-somethings – not the age that typically flocks to church, any church. But flock they do to the Taizé community, which claims 100,000 young pilgrims every year. They work, farm, cook, and pray together three times per day in the Taizé style.

Taizé services provide a setting where people can experience God and recharge their spiritual batteries. Christ calls his followers to times of prayer and silence, just as He asked the disciples, “Can you not watch with me for one hour?” Taizé is a candlelight service with gentle, reflective music, readings from the psalms and scripture, and a time of silence for quiet, quiet prayer. Its prayers invite us to enter the depths of our being through simple, meditative chants sung over and over again. Central to the prayers are the corresponding times of silence, during which all the gathered are invited to remain quiet in God’s presence, open to the Spirit.

While the Taizé service lasts less than an hour, it nevertheless offers an opportunity to respond to the Lord’s summons to be still and be present with God. We invite you to join us for a quiet evening of rest, renewal and peaceful prayer and presence at our next midweek service!

The contemplative service in December will be the Longest Night service on December 21.