We usually will knit every week at 9:00 am before the worship service.

We have been sending out a lot of shawls this season and the requests keep coming.

Currently the need for shawls exceeds our supply.

If you can knit or crochet, please consider contributing one.  Cast on 57 stitches then follow a pattern of knit 3, purl 3.  It’s that simple.  57 inches is the suggested length.  Feel free to follow your own patterns.

All shawls get “blessed” before the send off.

Just bring your yarn to church and come knit with us.

Beginning knitters are welcome.

Please continue alerting us when you know someone who could use a prayer shawl.

For information concerning the meetings or if you or someone else is in need of a shawl, contact the church office.

This event may be appear to be scheduled for the next week so that it doesn’t always appear before other Sunday events.