The Rev. Mary Barrett Speers, Pastor 

The Rev. Dr. Craig Malbon, Visiting Minister

Marie Zupka-Ludder,  Director of Christian Education

Isaac Hutton
Minister of Music
Richard A. Holroyd
Church Treasurer
Mark Orton
Music Director Emeritus
John T. Strong, Jr.
Financial Secretary
Karen Loomis
Church Office Manager
Janet E. Craig
Preschool Director Emeritus
Yvonne Chase
Preschool 4s Teacher
Preschool Co-Director
Heather Klein
Preschool 3s Teacher
Preschool Co-Director
 Carolyn Raab
Preschool 4s Assistant
Denise Ehlers
Preschool 3s Assistant

Note: use the Church e-mail to contact any of the staff.