The epitaphs that follow are exactly as found upon the tombstones in the Presbyterian churchyard unless enclosed within brackets. Anything enclosed within brackets is not legible or available in 1980, but does appear on the Osborn Shaw list of 1940. The information within parenthesis is Genealogical data and birth dates, not appearing on the stones, but, perhaps of interest to the reader.


In memory of Mary Satterly
Wife of George Cahoone Who was born July 3, 1804And died April 20, 1853 (AE 49)
Firm in her faith, her trust only in God’s love


Nancy T. Cleves Died July 22, 1876 AE 61 years, 5 mos, 12 days (b.1815)

Hannah Cleves Died Jan. 19, 1872 AE 74 years, 11 mos, 20 days (b. 1798)

John Cleaves Born Dec. 7, 1768 Died Dec. 12, 1851 (AE 83)

Charlotte Wife of John Cleaves Died May 6, 1829 AE 56 years, 2 mos, 1 day (b.1773)

Polly Maria Daughter of John & Charlotte Cleaves, who died Sept. 18, 1797 AE 1 year, 10 mos.

Brewster Son of John & Charlotte Cleaves Mate of the schooner EFFORT Was drowned in Richmond Nov. 20, 1826 AE 25 years, 10 mos. His remains were brought to this place Feb. 9, 1827
When blooming youth is snatched away By deaths resistless hand Our hearts the mournful tribute pay Which pity must demand

In memory of Nancy Daughter of Brewster & Elizabeth Cleaves

Walter S. Cleaves Born July 26, 1805 Died April 8, 1871 (AE 66)

Frances S (Bayles)Wife of David CleavesDied May 29, 1862AE 80 years(b.1782)
I know that my redeemer liveth

Sacred in the memory of David Cleaves Who died suddenly Sept. 9, 1841 AE 71 years, 2 mos, 23 days (b.1770)
Be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not The son of man cometh


Sacred to the memory of George Colby A native of Birdsall, Yorkshire, England, who died Nov. 7, 1854 AE 47 years (b.1807)


William M.July 12, 1878 June 22, 1936(AE 58)

Eugenia Sept. 30, 1879 Jan. 16, 1967(AE 88)


In memory of Mary Corwin Who died June 1836 In the 77th year of her age (b.1759)

Isaac Corwin Died April 14, 1829 In the 49th year of his age (b.1780)


Margaret C. Cronin 1849-1916 Mother Home Heaven (AE 67)