The epitaphs that follow are exactly as found upon the tombstones in the Presbyterian churchyard unless enclosed within brackets. Anything enclosed within brackets is not legible or available in 1980, but does appear on the Osborn Shaw list of 1940. The information within parenthesis is Genealogical data and birth dates, not appearing on the stones, but, perhaps of interest to the reader.



Rev. James S Evans D.D.Born Sept. 26, 1815Died Oct. 7, 1885(Age 70)

Elizabeth Brown Wife of Rev. James Evans Born July 6, 1815 Died Jan. 3, 1899 (Age 84)

[William B. Evans Born Feb. 7, 1841 Died May 11, 1865] (Age 24)

[Henry Woodbridge Evans Born July, 1851 Died May, 1854] (Age 3)

Millie S. Evans Jan. 26, 1849 Feb. 26, 1911 (Age 62)


Henry M. Edwards 1859-1943(Age 94)

Anne O. Jones Edwards 1883-1952 (AE 69)


Eric Walter Eichacker Born Sept. 15, 1946 Died Jan. 11, 1949 (Age 3)

(Back of this stone)

Douglas Bowne Williams, Jr. Born and died Dec. 12, 1966

Elsie D. Daughter of Henry and Clara H ichacker April 4, 1892-Aug. 10, 1692 (AE 6 days)

Patricia Acker Sept. 6, 1946-Sept. 18, 1948 (AE 12 days)


Anna Elmore 1851-1939 (AE 66 years)
Well done thou good and faithful servant