The epitaphs that follow are exactly as found upon the tombstones in the Presbyterian churchyard unless enclosed within brackets. Anything enclosed within brackets is not legible or available in 1980, but does appear on the Osborn Shaw list of 1940. The information within parenthesis is Genealogical data and birth dates, not appearing on the stones, but, perhaps of interest to the reader.


George T. Fanning, MD1851-1905(AE 54)

Ella M. Fanning1848-1933 (AE 85)


(NOTE: 4 stones are no longer legible in this plot)


Here lies the Body

of Mrs. Margaret Floyd,the wife of Col. Richard Floyd IIWho died Febry 1st, 1718 in the 57th year of her age.(b. 1661)

[Susanna FloydDied Jan, 1706AE 80 yearsWife of Richard Floyd Esq.](b. 1626)

[Mary Floyd Died ( ) 29, 1679 Wife of Richard Floyd]


Here lies the Body of Richard Floyd Esquire, II late colloniel of this County and a Judge of ye Court of Common Pleas who Dec’d Febry ye 28th 1737/38 in the 73rd year of his age. (b.1665)

[Richard Born Feb. 26, 1731 Son of Richard & Elizabeth (Hutchinson) Floyd Died ____ 1791 (AE 60)

[Richard Born Nov. 14, 1696 Son of Richard & Margaret Floyd Died May 5, 1701] (AE 4)

Here lyes buried ye body of Ann Floyd, Daughter of Col. Richard Floyd and Mrs. Elizabeth his wife, who departed This life Aug. 14, 1756 in the 6th year of her age. (b. 1750)

Here lyes buried ye Body of John Floyd, Son of Colonl Richard Floyd III & Mrs. Elizabeth his wife, who departed this life August ye 20th AD 1756 in ye 21st year of his age (b.1735)

Mrs. Elizabeth Floyd (wife of Col. Richard Floyd And mother of John …)

[Arabella Wife of Richard and daughter of David Jones, died May 29, 1785 AE 50 years, 5 mos, 20 days] (b.1735) Fell asleep in Jesus On the 27th of December 1872 Aged 41 years

Julia Ann Wife of William Floyd (b. 1831)

William Floyd Son of Gilbert & Sarah Floyd Born Jan. 9, 1821 Died July 11, 1903 (AE 82)

Lydia (Terry) Widow of Capt. Gilbert Floyd Died Jan. 13, 1864 AE 72 years, 7 mos, 10 days.
There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God

Abraham W. Floyd Counsellor of Law Son of Capt. Gilbert & Lydia Floyd Died Dec. 5, 1859 AE 32 years (b. 1827)
He’s not here-he’s risen There is no death, what seems so is transition. This life of mortal breath is but a suburb of the Life Eysian Whose portrait we call death

In memory of Ann (Cornell) Wife of Col. Benjamin Floyd Who departed this life May 29th, AD 1773, AE 28 years (b.1745)

Col. Benjamin Floyd II Died Dec. 27, 1820 (AE 80 years) (b. 1740)

Margaret Daughter of Col. Benj. & Ann Floyd Died 1770 In the 2nd year of her age. (b.1768)

In memory of Richard Floyd, Esq.The collonel of the County andJudge of the Courts of CommonPleas who departed this lifeApril 21, 1771
AE 68 years

(b.1703)Elizabeth Daughter of Richard & Anna Floyd Died Nov. 3, 1876 AE 77 years (b.1799)

William Samuel Son of Elizabeth & Richard Floyd Born Aug. 16, 1745 Died Oct. 6, 1772 AE 27 years

In Memory of Elizabeth Wife of Col. Richard Floyd III Who departed this life April 10, 1778 AE 69 years (b.1709)

Memory of Capt. Gilbert Floyd Who died (July 27,) 1832 (AE 61 years, 0 mos, 6 days)(b. 1771)

Sally D’Witt Wife of Gilbert Floyd Died April 6, 1822 (AE 39 years, 5 mos, 18 days) (b.1783)

Son of Gilbert & Sally Floyd
Died Aug. 5, 1824 AE 18 (b.1806)

Son of Captain Gilbert & Sarah Floyd
Born April 17, 1810 Died Feb. 10, 1887 (AE 77)Death his only enemy

Son of Gilbert & Sarah Floyd
Born Jan. 31, 1812
Died July 21, 1891 (AE 89)

In memory of Richard Floyd Who died May 9, 1803 In the 34th year of his age. (b.1769)

Anna (Nancy Smith)
Relic of Richard Floyd
Died June 25, 1803 (AE 39 years) (b. 1764)

Daughter of Richard & Anna Floyd, Died Jan. 1797 AE 7 mos.

Charlotte M. Floyd 1828-1917 (AE 89)

Benjamin O. Floyd 1830-1912 (AE 82)

Edmond Thomas Floyd
Son of Thomas & Polly Floyd
Died at sea July 18, 1859
AE 20 years, 2 mos, 6 days
In Lat. 23.58 N-Long. 90.45W
Fling to the heedless winds, as on the ocean cast,His ashes shall be watched,And gathered at the Last

Children of Thomas & Polly Floyd

Anna Cornell Died Aug. 17, 1867 Infant daughter

Lillian Ellis Died Sept. 4, 1869 Infant daughter

In memory of Polly (Jones) Wife of Thomas S. Floyd Who died Oct. 18, 1851 AE 51 years, 1 mo. (b.1800)

In memory of Thomas S. Floyd Died Sept. 9, 1849 AE 49 years, 6 mos. (b. 1800)

Sarah Floyd Wife of Gilbert Floyd Died Feb. 1, 1826 In 52nd year of her age.(Widow of Judge Abraham Woodhull) (b. 1783)


Allen E.1876-1950(aged 74)

Louie M.1882-1962(aged 80)


Louisa Gaynor1903-19 _____ (left blank)


In memory of Rev. John Gile Pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Setauket. Born at Littleton, Grafton Co., N.H. Jan. 2, 1816-Died Sept. 28, 1849 (AE 33) In deportment consistant Unassuming and kind. As a Minister of Christ Useful, honored and beloved. To me to live is Christ, And to die is gain.

Amelia S. Daughter of Rev. John and Helen Gile, died Oct. 8, 1844 AE 8 mos & 11 days.


Susan Melissa Good Daughter of J. R. & Susan Hawkins Wife of John K. Good Born April 10, 1854 Died June 3, 1832 (AE 22) Sleep sister dear, (start) your rest. God called you home, he thought best


Nancy D. Daughter of Russell Greene & Sabrina Davis Died Nov. 4, 1859 AE 23 years (b.1836)
Thy will be done

Sacred to the Memory of Russell Greene Who died July 20, (1844) in the 55th year of his age (b.1789)

Sabrina D. Wife of Russell Greene Born Aug. 26, 1804 Died July 15, 1880 (AE 76) Ever with the Lord


Charles C. Gregson April 5, 1877 June 17, 1941 (AE 64)