The epitaphs that follow are exactly as found upon the tombstones in the Presbyterian churchyard unless enclosed within brackets. Anything enclosed within brackets is not legible or available in 1980, but does appear on the Osborn Shaw list of 1940. The information within parenthesis is Genealogical data and birth dates, not appearing on the stones, but, perhaps of interest to the reader.


Donald K. July 20, 1908 Oct. 4, 1965 (AE 57)

Dorothy M. Oct. 1, 1910 ——



Elizabeth l. Malloy Born Feb. 28, 1914 Died Nov. 23, 1929 (AE 14) Because I live ye shall live also She is not dead – but sleepeth

John A. Malloy His wife Irene H. Jayne Born Jan. 5, 1894 Died Feb. 5, 1923 (AE 29)


Issac B. 1864-1936 (AE 72)

Gertrude T. 1873-1946 (AE 73)

Madeline B. 1891-1973 (AE 82)

Mary Mills 1859-1944 (AE 85)

Edmund T. Mills Born Sept. 11, 1856 Died June 7, 1936 (AE 80)

Anna A. Jones Wife of Edmund T. Mills Born Feb. 22nd, 1860 Died Jan. 31st, 1904 (AE 44)

Lewis Mills Died Jan. 28, 1860 AE 66 years, 4 mos (b.1794) There remaineth therfore ___ the people of God

Hannah Mills Wife of Lewis Mills Died Dec. 18, 1886 Aged 91 years (b.1795) Gone to join the loved ones gone before.

Algernon S. Mills Died April 25, 1888 AE 66 years, 6 mos, 10 days A loving Father has gone to rest

Mary S. Brewster Wife of Algernon S. Mills Died Oct. 28, 1886 Aged 64 years (b.1822) A loving Mother has gone to rest


Crarry A. Wife of John S. Mount & Daughter of Obediah & Sarah

Ann Wells Born March 18, 1814 Died Dec. 14, 1900 (AE 86) Gathered in at the harvest time with the golden sheaves above



William Sidney Mount Born at Setauket Nov. 26, 1807 Died Nov. 19, 1868


William Sidney Mount

As a painter, eminent and original; As a man, exemplary and beloved Born Nov. 26, 1807 Passed to a better life on Died Nov. 19, 1868 Dead he is not, but departed for the artist never die

Penelope S. Mount Died March 31, 1854 AE 64 years, 3 mos, 6 days (b. 1790)

In memory of Thomas S. Mount Who was born March 9, 1779 and died Friday morning 21 Oct. 1814 (AE 35)

In memory of Julia S. Mount Daughter of Thomas & Julia A. Mount, who died 3 June 1813 AE 1 year, 28 days

In memory of Julia A. Mount Relict of Thomas S. Mount Who died Nov. 23, 1841 In the 60th year of her age (b.1781)

Jonas H. Son of Capt. Thomas S. and Julia A. Mount Died Dec. 12, 1815 In the 4th year of his age

Hepsa Daughter of John & Dorothy Mount who died April 17, 1823 AE 14 years (b. 1809) Disease confined her active mind And caused a helpless state And that little she expres’d Was patience, love and happiness

Dorothy Mount Wife of John S. Mount Died July 16, 1843 AE 55 years, 2 mos, 13 days (b. 1788)

In memory of John S. Mount Who died Feb. 25, 1853 In the 73rd year of his age (b.1780)

Sacred to the Memory of Henry S. Mount Who died Jan. 10, 1841 In the 38th year of his life (b. 1803)


Father John B. 1848-1932 (AE 84)

Mother Adrianna C. 1849-1936 (AE 87)

Daughter Clara B. 1875-1943 (AE 68)

Evelina Mount 1837-1920 (AE 83)

Elizabeth Mount 1824-1920 (AE 87)