The epitaphs that follow are exactly as found upon the tombstones in the Presbyterian churchyard unless enclosed within brackets. Anything enclosed within brackets is not legible or available in 1980, but does appear on the Osborn Shaw list of 1940. The information within parenthesis is Genealogical data and birth dates, not appearing on the stones, but, perhaps of interest to the reader.


Charles Sanford 1846-1928 (AE 82)

Sophia Sanford 1846-1930 (AE 84)

Lidie H. Daughter of Charles and Sophia Sanford Died Aug. l2, 1865 Aged 6 months

Robert Sanford 1874-1933 (AE 59)

Floyd Smith Sanford 1881-1965 (AE 84)

Lydia Sanford 1884-1959 (AE 75)

In memory of Sarah Wife of Nathan Sanford Who died Jan. 14, 1843 Aged 27 years, 3 mos, 7 days (b.1816)

In memory of George W. Son of Nathan & Sarah Sanford (Who died July 20, 1841 AE 1 year, 7 mos, 10 days)

Temperace H. Sanford 1826-1901 (AE 75)

Wife of Nathan Sanford Who died in St, Louis In 1857 Aged 42 years (b.1815) Asleep in Jesus

(Mary Alida Daughter of Nathan and Temperace Sanford Who died Feb. 13, 1861 AE 5 years, 3 mos) (b.1856)


William Satterly Died April 22, 1722 In his 62nd year (b.1660)

In memory of Lieut. Henry Hackett Son of Col. Isaac and Sarah Satterly Who was born, Jan. 24, 1808 Died Nov. (23), 1846 (AE 38) His life exemplary, Early professed religion (on tour of duty in Mexico)

In memory of Sarah Sands Smith Wife of Isaac Satterly Who was born, Sept. 4, 1799 And died, Feb. 22, 1854 (AE 55) Beloved and faithful Mother dearest passed away. . .

In Memory of Mary (Roe) Wife of Isaac Satterly Who departed this life Nov. 20th, 1795 AE 30 years and 2 days (b.1765)

Frances Satterly Born June 4, 1793 Died Aug. 10, 1870 (Daughter of Isaac & Mary Roe Satterly) (AE 73) During her long life and amidst it’s varying scenes, she uniformly exhibited that meekness and humility which most (adorn) the christian character

John Roe Satterly Born March 21, 1790 Died April 1st, 1865 (Son of Isaac & Mary Satterly) (AE 75) In the War of 1812 Gen. Satterly entered the army with the rank of Captain and was stationed at Sag Harbor. After the peace he was advanced to the rank of Major General in the State Militia. Such was the confidence of his fellow citizens in his integrity that he was almost constantly employed in Public Affairs

In Memory of Jacob Satterly Who died at Fort Neck, L.I, May 21, 1766 AE 51 years (b.1715) This centopath sacred to his memory (and as) testimony of affectionate regard by his grandson Benjamin Franklin Thompson July 4, 1826

In Memory of Isaac Satterly Who died May 11, 1761 In the 22nd year of his age (b.1739)

In Memory of William Satterly Who died May 21, 1761 In the 29th year of his age (b.1732)

In Memory of Hannah Daughter of John & Sophia Satterly Who died Oct. 7, 1769 In the 3rd year of her age

In Memory of John Satterly Who died March 14th, 1777 In the 43rd year of his age (b.1734)

In Memory of Sophia (Hackett) Wife of John Satterly Who died April 18, 1799 In the 59th year of her age (b.1740)

In Memory of William Satterly Who died July 4, 1757 In the 54th year of his age (b.1703)

In Memory of Ruth Relict of William Satterly Who died Oct. 20, 1793 In the 83rd year of her age (b. 1710)

In Memory of Daniel Satterly Who died Nov. 18, 1815 AE 73 years (b. 1732)

In Memory of Ruth Satterly Who died March 30, 1817 AE 63 years (b.1754)

In Memory of Frances Daughter of John & Sophia Satterly Who died June 29, 1838 In the 70th year of her age (b.1768)

In Memory of William Satterly Who died Nov. 2, 1812 AE 36 years (b.1776)

[Capt. Stephen Satterly Died Sept. 3, 1805 AE 53 years, 5 mos] (b.1752)

In Memory of George W Son of Samuel & Phebe Satterly Who died June 30, 1841 AE 23 years, 2 mos, 17 days (b.1818)

[Phebe Wife of Samuel Satterly Who died Oct. 13, 1854 AE 78] (b.1776)

[Samuel Satterly Who died Feb. 4, 1869 AE 93 years, 5 mos] (b.1776)

In Memory of Elnathan Satterly Who died Dec. 15, 1801 In the 67th year of his age (b. 1734)

In Memory of Nathaniel Son of Elnathan & Mary Satterly Who died Oct. 10, 1775 In the 7th year of his age. (b. 1768)

In Memory of Mary Relict of Elnathan Satterly Who died 28 October 1818 AE 85 years (b.1733)

In Memory of Prudencia Daughter of Elnathan and Mary Satterly who died June 9, 1797 In the 36 year of her age. (b.1761)

In Memory of William Son of William and Ann Satterly Who departed This life Feb. 23, 1798 AE 11 months

[William Satterly Died July 14, 1797 AE 28 years]

Marietta Glover Wife of William R. Satterly Born Oct. 21, 1817 Died Dec. 25, 1882 (AE 65)

William R. Satterly Born April 23, 1804 Died May 29, 1884 (AE 80)

In Memory of Hannah Wife of William R. Satterly Who died Sept. 7, 1841 In the (30) year of her age. (b.1811)

Richard T. Satterly Son of William R. and Hannah Satterly Who died 1839 AE 3 years (b.1836)

Samuel Son of William R. and Hannah Satterly (Died Sept. 29, 1841 AE 1 year, 5 mos, 7 days)

Joseph W Son of William R and Hannah Satterly Who died 1844 AE 16 years (b. 1828)


In Memory of Sylvester Schellinger Who died Dec. 15, 1840 AE 55 years, 2 mos, 22 days (b.1785)

In Memory of Eunice Wife of S. Schellinger Who died (Dec. 7, 1840) AE 49 years, 3 mos, 29 days (b.1791)


[William Edgar Shannon Died June 30, 1849 In the 12th year of his age Son of Thomas and Mary Shannon] (b. 1837)



1. Georgianna Skidmore Born July 7, 1836 Died April 6, 1910 (AE 74)

2. Ida Skidmore Born Sept. 29, 1859 Died June 24, 1895 (AE 36)

3. worn

4. Bethiah Hawkins Born Aug. 28, 1803 Died April 16, 1891 (AE 88)

James R. Skidmore Who died March 26, 1862 (AE 37 years, 1 mo, 5 days) (b. 1825)

Sarah Louisa Infant daughter of James & Georgianna Skidmore Who died Feb. 5, 1856 AE 2 mos, 20 days


In Memory of Sarah Wife of William Smalling Born Jan. 31, 1783 Died April l2, 1867 (AE 84)

William M. Son of Wm. & Sarah Smalling Died April 18, 1819 AE 4 mos, 15 days

Sarah Ann Daughter of Wm. & Sarah Smalling Who died Jan. 31, 1820 AE 2 years, 9 mos, The lord giveth and the lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the lord

Henry Son of William & Sarah Smalling Who died June 10, 1821 AE 10 mos, 2 days Suffer little children to come unto me, for of such is the Kingdom of God. This monument was erected by his Mother


Betsy Relict of Samuel Smith Who died April 30, 1828 AE 52 years (b. 1776) My flesh shall slumber in the ground ’till the last trumpets Joyful sound Then burst the chains with sweet surprise And in my Saviour’s image rise

Floyd Smith Died Oct. 30, 1865 AE 65 years, 6 mos. (b. 1800) There is no death, what seems so is transition He was a good man and full of the Holy Ghost and of faith

Ann Smith (Satterly) Wife of Floyd Smith Born Dec. 9, 1801 Died Feb. 3, 1879 (AE 78)

Charity Smith Wife of Floyd Smith Who died Oct. 27, 1837 AE 34 years, 6 mos. (b. 1803)

Captain Samuel Smith 1842-1901 (AE 59)

His Wife Mary Frances 1843-1934 (AE 91) Rest in peace

Ann M Wife of William M. Smith Who died March 23, 1864 AE 60 years, 11 mos, 6 days (b.1804) Dearest Mother thou has left us Here thy loss we deeply feel But ’tis God that has bereft us He can all our sorrows heal

[John V Son of William M. and Ann M. Smith, who died Nov. 3, 1833 AE 11 months]

Emma Smith Daughter of Walter & Cornelia Hartt Smith and granddaughter of SS & CJ Hartt Died Feb. 19, 1875 AE 17 years, 2 months (b.1868)

Alva Smith Daughter of Alfred S. and Nina Jayne Died Feb. 4, 1901 AE 9 months

Ruth Smith Wife of George Smith Who died Jan. 16, 1829 AE 52 years, 6 mos, 17 days (b. 1777) (I am the) resurrection and the life He that believeth in me though he were dead, yet shall he live

Frank Smith 1885-1964 (AE 79)

Emily J. Smith 1890-1978 (AE 88)

Jebez W. Son of James & Anna Smith Died May 28, 1823 AE 18 years (b. 1805) Dear brother thou art absent but not forgotten

In Memory of Captain James Smith Who died Dec. 17, 1811 AE 60 years (b. 1751)

James Smith Died May 26, 1831 AE 56 years, 25 days (b. 1778)

Anna Wife of James Smith Died Dec. 31, 1836 AE 60 years, 9 mos. (b. 1776)

In Memory of Elizabeth Relict of Capt. James Smith Who died July 3rd, 1828 In her 78th year (b. 1750)

Minor Smith Died March 6, 1851 AE 41 years, 7 mos, 11 days (b.l810)

Ichabod Smith Was lost at sea February 1830 (AE 17 years, 9 months) (b.1813)

Richard Smith Was lost at sea Feb. 20, 1823 AE 40 years, 4 mos, 27 days (b. 1783)

Elizabeth Wife of Richard Smith Died Oct. 15, 1812 AE 23 years, 6 mos, 6 dyas (b.1789)

In Memory of Samuel Smith Who died April l2, 18(45) AE 53 years, 8 mos, 16 days (b.1792) Among the Silent dead….

Betsey Ann Wife of Gilbert Smith And daughter of John and Charlotte Cleaves Died March 13, 1825 AE 19 years, 6 mos. (b.1806) Oft in the bloom of life comes death And takes away our transitory breath And you my friends who walk this way Think on life as one short day

Elizabeth Daughter of James & Anna Smith Died April 21, 1863 AE 63 years (b.l900)



Harry Smith Born Aug. 5, 1797 Died Sept. 5, 1842 (AE 45)

Mary A. Smith Born Feb. 7, 1804 Died Jan. 6, 1882 (AE 78)


Anna M. Smith Born May 16, 1832 Died May 14, 1833


Julia Smith Whitford Died Jan. 6, 1920

Nanice, S. W. Holmes Died Dec. 22, 1924

Louise Whitford Addis Died Aug. 3, 1933


John S. Smith Born Dec. 23, 1834 Died Oct. 6, 1844 (AE 10)

Whitford Pet Bo-Sun – Coach Dog Born 1914 Died Feb. 21, 1928 Fine and true loved pet in the Whitford family


Elias Smith Died Feb. 13, 1864 AE 61 years, 9 mos, 2 days (b.1803) Tis hard to part with those we love But we shall meet again above For there ‘s a home above the sky Where Saints immortal never die

Julia A. Wife of Elias Smith Born Nov. 14, 1809 Died Nov. 8, 1884 (AE 75)

Hiram Smith Died Nov. 6, 1867 AE 52 years, B mos, 29 days (b.1815) (verse illegible)

Amanda Wife of Hiram Smith Born Jan. 27, 1818 Died Dec. 27, 1890 (AE 72) Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep From which none ever wake to weep A calm and undisturbed repose Unbroken by the last of foes

Caroline E. Daughter of Hiram and Amanda Smith Died July 9, 1868 AE 25 years, 6 mos. (b. 1833)


Florence A. Daughter of Hiram and Amanda Smith Who died June 1, 1935 AE 76 years, 5 mos, 20 days (b.1859)

Jonas Smith Jonas Smith Born July 9, 1794 Died Oct. 23, 1867 (AE 73)

Nancy Smith Born Aug. 21, 1797 Died Feb. 8, 1875 (AE 78)

Sarah Daughter of James & Ann Smith who died March 23, 1819 AE 3 years, 6 mos, 25 days This lovely babe lies moulding dust You sleep in Jesus we do hope and trust

Captain James M. Smith Died April 4, 1853 AE 39 years, 10 mos, 17 days (b.1814) Oh his loss I greatly feel But still must not regret Since God I trust has called him home Where I may see him yet

James W. Son of James M & Ann Smith Died Nov. 5, 1852 AE 3 years, 3 mos, 5 days One we loved has (gone) For the dark and silent tomb Closed his eyes in deathless slumber Faded in his youthful bloom

Lewis Smith Born Jan. 2, 1824 Died Nov. 19, 1886 AE 62 years (b. 1824)

Hannah (Satterly) Relict of Daniel Smith Who departed this life Oct. 13, 1808 in the 37th year of her life (b. 1771)

[Ruth (Cleves) Widow of Henry Smith Who died Mar. 19, 1881 Born Sept. 10, 1795] (AE 86)

[Susanna (Floyd) Wife of Edmond Smith Who died April l2, 1729 In the 41st year of her life] (b.1688)


Floyd Smith Son of Jeremiah & Nancy Stevens Who died Oct. 21, 1827 AE 12 years (b. 1815)



Henry Stoney Died Aug. 23, 1884 AE 65 years, 3 mos. (b.1819)

Mary Wife of Henry Stoney Died April 15, 1889 AE 69 years, 10 mos.


William Bacon Born March 2, 1811 Died Jan. 18, 1895 (AE 84)

Cornelia H. Swift Died June 27, 1889 AE 36 years, 11 mos. (b.1853)


Hannah S. Wife of William Bacon Born Nov. 23, 1814 Died July 3, 1883 (AE 69)

Willie Bacon Sadly weeps thy Mother o ‘er thee God has called thee to thy home Thou hast left us in thy beauty Thou wilt never more return


John E. Son of Stephen & Ency Swezey Who died Dec. 28, 1873 AE 35 years, 5 mos, 5 days (b. 1848)

Ann M. Daughter of Stephen & Ency Swezey Who died Feb. 27, 1901 AE 60 years, 9 mos. (b.1841)

Stephen Swezey Died July 5, 1870 AE 58 years, 11 mos, 5 days (b.1812)

Ency Bayles Wife of Stephen Swezey Died Nov. 30, 1890 AE 76 years, 3 mos, 3 days (b.1814)


Florence C. Syers 1885-1958 (AE 73)

John Reed Syers 1881-1929 (AE 48)